Posted by: yemenia68 | January 11, 2009

Islam-From my Perspective

I am not a scholar of Islam, although I do know the basic concepts of this religion. I am a Muslim who believes that the majority of non-Muslims have the wrong idea about Islam. Most people believe that Islam preaches terrorism, which is an absolute misconception. Islam is a religion if peace, not violence.

Ever since I was younger, I had this distinctive appeal towards my religion; unlike my siblings, I never tired from the teachings of this wonderful religion. At the time, the only understanding of the Arabic language was the alphabet, so it was kind of frustrating for us, but nonetheless, that never kept me from expanding my knowledge of Islam.  I did everything possible to learn the Arabic language. Those days, in the Yemeni villages, girls didn’t have access to an education.  That was back in the early 80’s; everything has probably changed now. We were expected to do all the chores in the home, while the boys were at school. The only way possible of learning anything was to do it myself, so I did.  I taught myself to read and write in Arabic. I started paying attention to how words were properly pronounced and read everything I could get my hands on. 

The most interesting thing that I realized about Islam and the Arabic culture is that most Arabs confuse customs and traditions with religion. Back in Yemen, when I was staying in the village, I would hear negative comments about  women working, driving, and going to college. Whenever I asked why the people thought that it was wrong for women to do such things, they would go on about it being haram, which was funny because men were always allowed to do whatever they wanted, including adultery, and nobody cared………well, ok they cared, but it wasn’t as sinful because they are  men. OH DEAR GOD!!!!!!!!!  Isn’t that the funniest thing you have ever heard????

I know for a fact that this confusion was due to ignorance because most of the people living in villages never went to school, so basically they followed the customs and traditions of the generations before them who were obviously as uneducated as they. That’s really kind of sad, knowing that there are Muslims that dont actually know the true concepts of Islam. I believe that is the main reason why most women in Arab countries are deprived of their rights.


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