Posted by: yemenia68 | January 12, 2009

Grandma in College

I know its weird how I’m jumping around from one post to the other, but since I’m going back to college tomorrow, I thought that I should make as many posts possible while I still have the time. Just imagine a 40 yr. old grandma going to college………..hehehe.  

I was not as fortunate as most people who had the opportunity to complete their education at an early age, but hey, at least I never lost hope and now here I am, back in school. A lot of people I know weren’t very optimistic about the idea, but that didn’t stop me. : )

Tomorrow we start the winter semester.  I registered my 3 yr. old in a day care right next door to the campus, but to be honest, I dread the whole process of taking my child back and forth with me in this weather.  

With school and work, I hope I can keep this blog up and running. 



  1. Mabroook! that is wonderful! It is never too late to pursue higher education! You are truly inspirational!

  2. Thanks so much Om Lujain for your encouragement.
    I knew there were people out there that thought that it is never too late for higher education. I wish my family was more supportive. 😦

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