Posted by: yemenia68 | January 12, 2009

The Arab-American Hijab…..

I have wanted to address the issue of the hijab for quite a while now but haven’t had the time. What I’m going to say in the next paragraph is specifically to my fellow Arabs/Muslims.

Arabs/Muslims alike know that the true concept of “hijab” is not simply to wear a scarf. That is a fact because every Arab country preaches the principles of Islam. Hijab is a religious obligation that represents modesty. It is also a form of protection that symbolizes dignified behavior. So unless you choose to play dumb, you pretty much know what I’m talking about.  🙂

What bothers me is that Muslim parents living here in the States, choose to ignore that fact and they also choose to neglect their responsibility towards their children; their responsibility that obligates them to thoroughly teach their children the concepts of Islam.

Nowadays, you find girls wearing the headscarf accompanied with tight, revealing attire, which contradicts with the concept of hijab. As an Arab-American, I truly believe that the blame falls entirely on the parents. You’re probably wondering why?  Here in America, children are not naturally exposed to Islamic culture because that is not the mainstream culture, so like I said, it is the parent’s obligation to help familiarize their children with their religion.

Another thing that comes to mind is the way some parents pressure their children to wear hijab without actually explaining to them the true concept of it. They don’t understand that children living in non-Islamic countries need extra clarification because of the fact that what they are being taught is entirely different from the culture they live in.

If your opinion differs, please feel free to comment……….I’m very open-minded and I don’t discriminate. 🙂


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