Posted by: yemenia68 | January 23, 2009

My College Experience

Today is the end of the second week for winter semester and I am literally exhausted. I used to work part time but I realized recently that I couldn’t take the full schedule and risk jeopardizing my education.  I am taking 4 classes this semester (English, Medical Terminology, Software Applications, and Business) and I decided to clear my work schedule so I can concentrate on my studies. 

I publicly announce that I believe all wives/moms that work and go to school and still keep up with their responsibilities as wives and mothers are definitely superwomen. Seriously, I don’t know how they can keep up. I’m sorry, but with my 40 years, I can hardly keep up with just being a mom and wife……….the extra college experience just has me worn out and grouchy.



  1. My wife would agree. She did her Bachelors with two kids and is working on her Master’s with four.

    She is a Saudi, but her father’s side of the family is from Yemen originally.

    • Interesting……..I just visited your wife’s blog.
      I’ll have to say, it is rare that a Yemeni father agrees to marry his daughter to an Arab who is non-Yemeni, so in your case we just travelled to a whole new dimension………..LOL. Allow me to congratulate you two on your unity, which I’m assuming was not simply attained. I don’t mean to be judgmental or anything but this is reality.

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