Posted by: yemenia68 | January 25, 2009



After reading my posts, one might get the impression that I may seem indifferent to my culture, but that is honestly not the case. The thing is,  sometimes when you have bad experiences in a specific time and place, you associate the negative feelings with the place of events, therefore identifying that as a cultural indifference. I’m not going to deny that I don’t particularly appreciate everything in my culture because there are certain issues that I can live without.


To be honest, I absolutely love the scenery in Yemen. It is beautifully breath-taking, with the huge mountains, the steep valleys, and the lively agricultural views. Every time I see pictures of Yemen, I feel nostalgic. I love my heritage, no doubt about it. The only problem I have with Yemen is the ignorance of it’s society.




  1. Salam Eman,

    How are you? Nice to meet you. I just left you a little comment on my blog. Hope to continue coming here and for you to visit my blog.

    These are AWESOME pictures, Masha’Allah. Even my husband was in awe of the pics. You know it would be nice to visit one day. Who knows? Insha’Allah!:) Yallah take care……..

  2. masha’allah.. it is beautiful!

  3. Salam Manal and Om Lujain 🙂

    Thanks for passing by to my humble blog. I have only been blogging for a few weeks now. Hopefully, I will make more additions, thats if i get any spare time.
    The college experience is a little more than I anticipated, but Inshallah, I’ll make it.
    I hope this will be the beginning to a new friendship for us. 🙂

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