Posted by: yemenia68 | February 8, 2009

Stereotyping the Hijab

It’s funny how people automatically assume that any woman that wears a hijab must be uneducated or ignorant.  I have experienced this kind of stereotypical behavior amongst many people.  There are even times when I’m at a register in a store and the person at the register would say something negative about me, assuming that I didn’t understand English. One time I asked to speak with the manager and the lady apologized about the comment, but I still spoke with the manager because I knew the apology was only made out of fear of losing her job. She got suspended from her job.

Just the other day in class as I stood up to answer a question, everyone in the class looked surprised. When the instructor was interested with what I had to say, he kept asking more and more questions. He actually did that intentionally because he knew how stereotypical some people could be about Muslims. He pointed that out to the other students and said that he had a Muslim friend that constantly told him about his experiences.

People are so ignorant when it comes to Islam, Muslims, and the Hijab.


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