Posted by: yemenia68 | February 14, 2009

Battle in Seattle

I just finished watching “Battle in Seattle” and I’m adding that to my list of great movies. I’m not a very big fan of television. I prefer watching movies that reflect on issues that interest me. That is why I wait until the more “interesting, entertaining and informational” movies are out. I have an obsession for the psychological, political, and historical drama themes. These are the kind of movies I enjoy:
• Traitor
• National Treasure
• The Kingdom of Heaven
• Troy
• In the Name of the King
• Nomad
• The Last Legion
• Gladiator
• The Contract
• The Contractor
• Babel
• Proof
• Reservation Road
• Blood Diamond
• Seven Years in Tibet
• Freedom Land
• Four Brothers
• Zodiac
• Children of Men
• No Country for Old Men
• Inside Man
• The Great Debaters 
• John Q
• The Pelican Brief
• Memoirs of a Geisha
• Death Sentence
• Good Will Hunting
• The Kite Runner
• The Boiler Room
• Lord of War
• The Good Shepherd
• Courage Under Fire
• Syriana
• The Quiet American
By now you’re probably wondering where the chick flicks are……….hehehe

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