Posted by: yemenia68 | February 22, 2009

Why do we blog?


I know each person has his/her reason for blogging. I’m sure some do it to vent out their personal opinions or  frustration regarding particular issues. Some probably do it just to get insight on different perspectives regarding certain topics.

I do it because I love to write and I have interest in knowing other people’s perspective on basically any issue that comes to mind. Some of the  rewards of blogging is when people share your opinions or even when you feel that you have written about a topic that concerns a lot of people and they are willing to share their opinion with you.

To be honest, I have done a lot of blog “surfing” (if that’s what it’s called these days), and I have seen and read the strangest things anyone can imagine. Some people will share the weirdest details. I dont mean to be judgemental or anything but good God, their are things that people should keep private.  

Sometimes I think I’m never gonna get used to this “blogoshpere”. Being exposed to so much negativity is just never good for anyone. I know you’re probably frustrated by my vague thoughts but……………………Yallah life goes on. 

Ukh……….I just have to mention it, I cant keep it to myself. I think it is a shame what some Arabs blog about. That’s all I have to say.  الله يهدينا جميعاً



  1. Well, I think that having some space to vent my opinions and thoughts was my basic reason to start blogging, and I also thought that I can now post whatever I wan tconsidering that no one knows my real identity, but it turned out to be less desirable to post something that can show you as a freak.
    Anyways, I’m happy with blogging, it makes you space to vent some of your feelings and opinions, and no one has to listen or read if they don’t want to.

  2. Ulysses:

    What you brought up about blogging without having to worry about your identity, that was something I was going to mention in my post but decided not to.
    Why do we care that people know who we are? Is it because we know that we are going to be judged because of our opinions and beliefs? Or is it because we want to judge people without having to worry about our identity.
    Trust me, I’ve asked myself that question so many times and I still cant put my finger on the exact reason.
    I thought about blogging without having to deal with my identity but then I decided that I shouldn’t have to care if people knew who I am because I’m not doing anything wrong.
    I guess for me, in the beginning I considered hiding my identity because I come from a very traditional and conservative background, I fear what my family will think, although I know I’m not doing anything wrong. I know that sounds strange, but I do believe that family is important, which is why I put into consideration how they will react.
    Sometimes when I write about how old-fashioned we (my family and I) are and how we choose to live a conservative lifestyle (although we do live in the States), I get the impression from others that we are as ancient as the dinosaurs.
    Anyways, that wasn’t even part of the subject.

  3. True, as you said. perhaps the main reason why one chooses to keep his identity hidden, unfortunately, in any arab society, you are greately judged by your conduct and speech, even if it doesn’t even touch any sensitive issue, each society has it;s own norms that make it difficult to stray without being tagged as a non-conformist, the other issue is: depite that we claim that we have a large freedom of speech, we still don’t have enough to openly express our opinions on many political and social issues, which makes the idea of expressing your opinions anonymously such an appealing idea. but then I realized that I’m not so into going through useless discussions on politics.
    I guess that’s why it’s so appleaing to have your ideas published without identifying your identity

  4. Ulysses:

    What it saddly boils down to is, we fear rejection and bad judgement from others. Even in this virtual world we seek acceptance, how ironic is that.

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