Posted by: yemenia68 | February 26, 2009

Sunni and Shia


The other day we were discussing religion, which consequently brought forth the differences between Sunni and Shia sects. One of the Sunni women was telling us how her nephew was interested in marrying a girl who is Shia.  She told us how her sister was concerned about how this will affect the upbringing of the children (that’s if they marry).  So I started thinking about this more deeply trying to figure out how I felt about the issue.

At first, I thought “Wow, even within Islam there are differences that divide Muslims”. To be honest, I’m not going to say that I know about the extent of these differences, because I don’t. I know that Sunni and Shia both share the fundamentals of Islam. I also know that political differences, not spiritual, are what caused the separation.  

  One thing that has been carved in my memory since a while ago was the image of Shia Muslims crying and beating themselves until they bled. That only gave me doubt about the Shia rituals. I don’t see how in any religion God allows his worshipers to hurt themselves for the sake of worship. Another issue is “zewaj elmut3a”. In my opinion, that is just another way to legalize prostitution. I know that sounds harsh but hey, that’s how I see it. There is a website I found the other day as I was surfing the web for more info on Shia Muslims: . It is a story about a Sunni girl who falls in love with a Shia………..I’m not going to ruin it. Go check it out. 

Back to the topic at hand; after long thought and research I realized that there are more differences between the two divisions. Although I still believe that the most important aspects in a relationship are trust and respect, I also believe that differences in religious beliefs do cause a source of conflict.  That does not mean that I am against the idea of a Sunni and Shia marriage. I believe that if two people loved each other they will be able to find a middle ground for the basis of their relationship.
This is my opinion, what do you think?



  1. Other issue the way that Shia look to Sunni and how they consider them as enemies

    I think they will face a lot of problems if they get married

  2. Whisper:

    You might be right. It may be a more complicated issue than I thought. When you think about the in-laws and how they will eventually be envolved, that’s what makes it more complicated.
    You cant help but think about the kids and how the religious conflict will impact them as well.

  3. to tell the truth, I try my best to avoid going into such debates. And I don’t think that you can nowadays judge people by what sect they worship, it has been widely varied through different countries, I once knew that even Mut3a is forbidden in some areas in Iran and Iraq, and even the mentioning of such an idea is troublesome, I agree that many of the rituals practiced by Shia are doping harm to Muslims by showing us as barbarians, but I think that this act is limited to certain extremist, not the general public.

  4. I hope you’re right Ulysses. I hate to think that these differences will cause a negative outcome in any relationship.
    I also believe that it majorly depends on how religious the couple is, and if they actually follow those differences or not.
    Thanks for your insight 🙂
    (this time I remembered your request……hehehe)

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    • Well Mike, my acne days are over but thanks any way. 🙂

  6. Some thoughts about Shia belief, what do you think?

    all the best.

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    • I started this blog for the mere reason of sharing my opinion on everything and anything that I’m experiencing at any given time. I like to hear other peoples opinions on what I have to say.

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