Posted by: yemenia68 | April 3, 2009

Stress, stress, and more stress.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been in a very stressful condition. My husband had to travel overseas to visit his family and I was left with all the responsibility of keeping the household in tact. Because of my husband’s absence, I asked my children (from a previous marriage) to come and stay with me until he comes back. One of the positive aspects of this situation is that I’m spending more time with my children. No matter how tired I am, I always enjoy spending time with them.I am currently working part-time and attending four classes in college. From the time I wake up at exactly 5:30 am until I go to bed at 10:30 pm, I never have 10 minutes to myself. I’m constantly on my feet. Even when I’m at home, I never relax. I consider myself a clean freak. Ever time I see things that are not in place I have to organize them. I can never sit before having everything clean and tidy. My children make fun of me all the time.

I find myself constantly forgetting things. I know that this is because of all the stress I’ve been experiencing. It’s funny, because sometimes, I can’t even remember the simplest things and that can be very frustrating at times. I’ve also realized that I have become irritable lately (which is another stress related change). One of the most annoying things that really irritates me is my employer’s personality. He is a Neurologist, who is probably in his late 50’s. He is the stingiest person on this planet. Did I mention that he is an Egyptian? He underpays his employees and expects us to overwork ourselves to exhaustion. We work in an environment without any heat (he refuses to fix the heater). The only reason I haven’t left my job is the fact that the hours are convenient and flexible for my schedule.



I can go on and on about all the stressful drama in my life. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I really need a break. I rarely get a chance to blog any more, which is why I haven’t posted in quite a while. Gotta go, my kids are calling.


  1. am so stressed too from work, i hate not having even 10 minutes for myself! and I’m hating the irritability and the memory issues. Hope things slow down a bit for u!

  2. Thanks Secret, hope the same for you. Sometimes it gets to the point where you just think of giving up : (

  3. well, to tell the truth. that’s awfully a lot to handle. I can’t call it oure stress, cause it’s more of a time constraint issue. But good luck on your fight, it’s always hard to gather between work, Study and family. I’ve been there!

  4. Ulysses,

    I guess i’m getting to old for all this. The only way I deal with everything going on in my life is prayer. Praying helps me deal with all the stress in my life.
    Thanks for passing by 🙂

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