Posted by: yemenia68 | January 26, 2010

Conspiracy theories and secret societies


I’ve always been fascinated by stories of “conspiracy theories” and “secret societies” that secretly control governments around the world. I’m sure a lot of people do not believe in these kinds of things. Maybe the reason why I am so willing to believe in these theories is the fact that I’ve always believed that the events that happen around the world, such as wars, poverty, governmental breakdowns, etc., are caused by an orchestrated, hidden hand.

There are so many things that have happened in the last couple of decades that seem to justify my beliefs. When you think about the wars in the African countries, the Middle East, Bosnia, and South America, you can’t help but wonder why it is so hard to maintain peace in this world? During all of these wars, millions of people around the world gather to try and help stop the corruption. All you see on your television set are people on the streets from all around the world, protesting against wars, poverty, and genocide.

The funny thing is none of what almost every citizen on this earth strongly opposes seems to matter when it comes to the issue of “who controls what”. The simple citizens have no say whatsoever as to what goes on in this world. After all, it’s more likely that the more powerful and wealthy you are, the more influence you have. One thing though, power and wealth always seem to lead to greed, self-interest, and corruption. This is why there is a major gap throughout the world between the wealthy and the not so privileged. Maybe if there was more equality, peace might prevail.

Could this be the reason that so much has been said about a “New World Order” being lead by the “Elite” of this world? Among the long list of secret societies that were mentioned, the “illuminati”, was one of many who are supposedly trying to gain control over the world. I’m sure that some of you have heard about the “illuminati”. For those of you who haven’t, the movies “the da vinci code” and “angels and demons” have mentioned this secret society, although I’m pretty sure that was not the one which “supposedly” has the power to alter world events.

When you search hard enough, you will find all kinds of writings about conspiracies, secret societies, “government controlled research projects” that can alter the weather…….that kind of gets you thinking about the hurricanes that have been occurring lately. I know this sounds farfetched, but you can’t help but wonder…….what if?



  1. conspiracy theories is the easy way out, and the simple answer to all the world problems and streamlines who is to blame for any problem in the world.
    I think a mother of a couple of boys can tell how untrue conspiracy theories are, for she will always try to control how her boys would treat each other and act around people but she will always miserably fail concluding “if i can’t control a couple of boys how the hell do you expect a group to control the whole world. BS !”

  2. It’s not that simple Bambam.
    Like I said, it does sound pretty farfetched, but the more I read, the more interested I am.
    There are so many people out there who have written books and posted on the internet about their past connections with these so-called societies and the corruption that exists within the groups.
    The reason I wrote the post was to see what other people’s perspective on the issue is.
    I appreciate your insight and btw, having different perspectives on any given issue does not mean that people have to stop communicating. Remember the saying “agree to disagree”?

    • asSalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah,

      In response to your post here I am working on something regarding two common shared theories in the Muslim community … inshaAllah I will post those in the coming weeks on

      And, just wanted to let you know that I responded to your comment on the Humanitarian Muslim blog – looking forward to your thoughts on that.


      • Salam Loga,

        After visiting your blog, I actually felt a sense of negligence towards my responsibilties as a Muslim. I applaude your efforts in sharing your knowledge of Islam on your blog.

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