Posted by: yemenia68 | September 27, 2010

Overcoming Pain

Why is it that the most important people in our lives are the ones most likely to hurt us? Is it because we tend to be vulnerable when we are with loved ones, and that’s what makes us helpless?
    It’s funny how we try to protect ourselves from pain, yet it never fails to prevail in our lives. Regardless of how you try to avoid it, it just sneaks up on you and never ceases to let go until you are run out of emotions.
      We can run from it, we can live in denial, we can even build brick walls to protect us, but unfortunately it will catch up to us no matter what we do.
        I’ve always been a supporter of the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” theory, but too much of that kind of experience does take a toll on you.
          The best way to overcome it is to allow yourself to feel the pain, not to succumb to it, but experience it, it will hurt for a while and then we move on.


          1. I know exactly what you mean ..
            I’m there too.
            And yes, breaking down is the healthiest to do 🙂

            • thanks ; )

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