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Human Existance, Religion, and Evolution.

evolution heaven

A majority of what I write is about life in general and sometimes
I write about my perspective regarding religion. As a Muslim, I learn
new things every day about my religion. Actually, the right word is
relearn. I love everything about Islam but sometimes I need a
reminder of my priorities as a practicing Muslim.
You’re probably wondering why I would need a reminder.
Well you see, life is a very complicated and complex journey.
Sometimes we humans can go astray (yes, I know there  is a very
broad definition to what going astray may mean, but in this case
I mean religion wise) because of our imperfections. We are created
that way, to make mistakes every now and then. Whether we learn
from our mistakes or not is optional since some of us are not too
bright. (Yeah, I like to crack jokes too). So every once in a while
we need reminders of our priorities in life.
You might even ask why religious people lose their righteous
path. What.. you think that people with religion have an armor
that protects them from an impure and contaminated world.
Well, think again, we are just as weak and vulnerable as
everyone else. We go through life challenges and tragedies
which consume us to the point of weakness and vulnerability.
The only difference is religion helps us heal and persevere.
It reminds us of why we are here.  It keeps us strong in our faith.
Because it is exactly that, FAITH.  We have faith in God…Who created
us for a purpose, to worship Him.
I believe that the most significant way to keep faith strong is in unity.
I’ve realized that when I am in a group discussing religion I feel
empowered by the strength the union creates within us. I suppose
that is why every religion has a place (mosque, church, or temple)
where groups unite to worship Allah (God).
I know it to be true that when I don’t discuss or read about my
religion for a long period of time, I tend to forget my religious
commitments and I start to indulge in temptation. Does that
make a bad Muslim, I don’t think so. It just shows that I’m human.
You know the rule that says the first thing a person needs to do to
change is to admit their flaws or insecurities,  that’s what keeps me
humble, acknowledging my flaws.
Humans were not created to be perfect, we were created to worship
Allah and to “learn” how to be better humans. It is a daily struggle to
fight temptation and better ourselves as humans because we have a
very strong adversary (shaytan) whose main goal in life is to distract
us from worshipping God, therefore leading us to evil.
Like I said, life is complicated and complex and the only way you can
survive successfully is with a manual (Quran) created by the only One
who knows everything there is to know about this world, our Creator,
Allah (God).
Of course I know there are a lot of people who believe that our entire
human exists began by chance because that makes sense, right? NOOOOOO!
Seriously though, how does a world of total complexity create itself. Do you
seriously believe that spontaneous production of a living organism is possible.
How does a living cell just pop out of nowhere and start reproducing other cells.
Nobody can even prove that. Which is why “the theory of evolution” is just that,
a THEORY. Of course scientist will argue that the common folk like myself couldn’t
understand scientific theory because we lack education or knowledge. You
only need common sense to realize that every living thing on this earth
cannot exist and continue to exist due to chance. If this was the case, why
can’t these scientist create one of the simplest creations on earth? They do
make it seem so simple. Oh yeah, they are waiting on another spontaneous
self-creating process to help them prove their theory. Another thing, even if the
evolution of a certain species is proven, how does that clarify how human existence

For those of you who are like me, clueless to evolution,

see picture above, that surely explains everything.
Was that totally off topic? You think?



  1. Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,
    That covered just about everything one needs to know regarding the true nature of life in this world; that we were created (not evolved) for a purpose which is to worship Allah ‘azza wa jal. A very comprehensive post masha’Allah, and certainly not off-topic. Loved it :). A verse that comes to mind:
    “[It is He] who created death and life to test which of you is best in conduct; and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving.” (Surah Al-Mulk, 67:2)
    Jazak Allah khair

  2. W’ Alaikum Assalam wr wb. Thanks for passing by and commenting. Jazak Allah Khayran

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