Posted by: yemenia68 | February 17, 2016

Media’s influence on us


  1. Nah, you’re not alone with this statement.
    Its even worse then you think…
    Just google “subliminal messages” and connect it with disney’s children’s cartoons its all sex and not appropriate for kids that age.
    Google “social media” and connect it to brainwashing…

    I just dont understand why the new internet generation wastes so much time adding total strangers as fake friends just to collect likes and followers, even pay to increase the amount of those.

    Or why those lunatic politicians keep connecting everything on the internet from databases to traffic lights, bridges and even nuclear centrifuges knowing they’re vulnerable to hackers and viruses, i can only hope i’ll see the day when the internet crashes for good.

    I’m also sick of those commercials filling my brains free spots over and over again – started with 1 commercial before and after the news – now its like 1 5 min commercial every 10 mins of movie

    I’ve turned my back on the tv for years now just to find out they’ve infiltrated social media like youtube also.

    if you dig deeper you’ll come across billionairs like george soros putting in place his liberal puppets all around the world hiding under the false pretence of democratic organisations manipulating elections on a global scale.

    • What’s crazy is they claim we’re either conspiracy theorist or uptight religious fanatics for pointing out the obvious

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